Student Council - AISN
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Student Council

Fostering Student Leadership

We are proud to say that our Student Council works as an effective liaison between the students, faculty, and staff at AISN. As the governing organization of the student body, elected representatives listen carefully to the concerns of all groups and seek solutions to substantive issues within the school. Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) are elected by middle and high school students, and classroom representatives can begin in the 7th grade. In addition to being the “voice” of the students, the council also organizes special events, community engagement and excites school spirit.  A high school teacher oversees the Student Council in an advisory capacity.

Student Council Activities/Events:

  • Karaoke Night – a fun-filled evening of AISN community members singing along to their favorite songs
  • Fundraisers –  various events benefiting the local community – such as toy/clothing/food drives for local schools and orphanages
  • Community Clean-Up Projects – a collaborative effort on the part of students to clean up the local community – such as school grounds or the beach
  • Fall Festival – an enjoyable event during October for our elementary students including fun games and activities
  • Candy Grams – sweet treats and notes prepared for the AISN community during February
  • Movie Night – an evening of cinema entertainment for AISN families and friends