Early Childhood - AISN
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Early Childhood

Early Childhood Program

early_c2We help 3 and 4 year olds develop important social skills through theme-based learning with age-appropriate discovery area environments. We strive to provide a safe, happy, stimulating, and rewarding experience to inspire a sense of excitement, curiosity, and wonder. We want our children to possess the curiosity and confidence to explore, question, evaluate, create, and communicate as they enter Kindergarten. Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum focuses on the following:

  • An American curriculum in the areas of Literacy, Math, Science, Cultural Studies, Personal and Social Development, Music, Art, French, and Physical Education.
  • Literacy, math, science, social studies, social development, personal development, music, art, French and physical education
  • An English language-rich environment that helps children develop their English language skills needed to ensure they are successful learners.
  • Creating a language rich environment to help children grow their English language skills
  • A program that incorporates theme-based activities (e.g. singing, movement, drama, arts and crafts, free play, child-initiated activities, and story time).
  • Theme-based activities like singing, movement, drama, arts and crafts, free play, story time, and more
  • Active, hand-on experiences (indoor and outdoor play, number play, block building and other similar activities).
  • Active, hands-on experiences like outdoor play, number play, block building, and more

The early childhood classes at The American International School of Nouakchott will help your child develop and enjoy his/her love of learning. (Please note that all Pre-K students must be toilet trained before attending AISN.)

All of our Pre-Kindergarten activities are designed to ignite your child’s love of learning!