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Committed to Excellence

AISN_idWe are committed to building a community of responsible and compassionate lifelong learners prepared to face the challenges of a global world. Our accredited American international education provides individual attention and differentiated instruction while focusing on opportunities for project based learning, problem solving, and the performing arts for grades K-12.


A Rich History and Grounded Philosophy

Established in 1978, AISN has a rich history of providing education to students from all over the globe. Our history of applying educational standards and honoring social and cultural diversity has formed who we are today, all of which has developed into a grounded philosophy. We believe that developing skills to become lifelong learners prepares students to become responsible and productive global citizens. Towards that end, we work together to encourage students to:

  • Develop a love for learning, a desire to take risks, self-confidence and independence
  • Think critically, understand and solve real-life problems
  • Use language to communicate effectively and to facilitate thinking and learning
  • Understand and respect social and cultural diversity
  • Acquire curiosity about the world
  • Find a sense of belonging through relationships built on mutual trust and respect with adults and peers
Established Curriculum and Accreditation

With an established curriculum based on U.S. Standards accessed through a digital platform, students at AISN learn key concepts and develop well-rounded skills in reading, writing, math, social studies, science, art, music, and physical education while acquiring 21st century skills.

Our U.S. accredited online curriculum is based on U.S. standards and is similar to American public schools. It ensures our students’ academic success, while increasing their technological and communication skills.  American textbooks are used at the elementary level, while digital resources are used at the secondary level.  Additional support comes from the library, multimedia, and field trips.  Students also have access to personalized learning paths within our online learning platform to further develop their individual skills within Math, Language Arts and Reading.

AISN uses the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) computerized standardized assessments developed by the Northwest Evaluation Association to provide the same kind of assessment that students in the U.S. take annually. Writing skills have been determined using the ERB Writing Assessment Program (WrAP).

msa_logoAISN is proud to say that it is fully accredited by MSA from pre-K – grade 12.  It has undergone rigorous self-assessment, been subject to the evaluation of experienced professionals, proven itself to meet high academic and professional standards, and is subject to ongoing visits and monitoring by MSA.