Employment - AISN
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We’re looking for dedicated educators with:

  • Two or more years of teaching experience
  • Academic background and teaching experience in the area to be taught
  • American teacher certification
  • Commitment to being an integral part of the learning community
  • Dedication to being a reflective practitioner
  • Demonstrate congenial and cooperative relationships with colleagues
  • Experience and willingness to work in co-curricular activities
  • High energy and good health
  • Flexibility and a sense of humor
What are some of the benefits we offer?
  • Competitive salaries
  • Medical insurance
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Retirement plan options
  • Great experiences and wonderful memories!
In addition, overseas-hired faculty enjoy:
  • Furnished accommodations
  • Utilities  allowance
  • Relocation allowance
  • Annual air tickets to home of origin
Interested in applying?

Schools, and jobs for that matter, are like clothes. Different sizes, materials, and styles meet the needs of different people. We encourage educators to take a close look at our history, current faculty and staff, and most importantly our vision when deciding if AISN may be a good fit for you.   Contact us at director@aisnmauritania.com for further information.

 Substitute Teacher Notice:

AISN is looking for energetic and motivated substitute teachers to work with students at all levels, from pre-kindergarten to high school. The best candidates for substitute teachers have a bachelor’s degree, enjoy working with children, are energetic, flexible and have some sort of education experience. If interested in being added to our 2019-20 school year substitute teacher list, please send your resume to MaryAnn Przekurat, Director at director@aisnmauritania.com.