Middle School - AISN
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Middle School

Middle School Program

Middle school is where each student begins to guide their own discovery, constructing meaning from information, instruction, and experience. Students continue to explore, question, evaluate, create, and communicate new ideas and concepts.  In the classroom, the teacher functions more in a guiding, supportive role than in the role of the disseminator of information.

AISN’s middle school program fosters student independence with learning, lifelong curiosity, problem-solving skills, confidence in oneself, and responsible citizenship through purposeful learning experiences. Opportunities for student choice, self-direction, and responsibility are available on a daily basis.  Purposeful learning experiences continue to foster independence and ignite our students’ curiosity and wonder about their world.  Students learn interpersonal skills and the importance of community; they are valued and accepted, and, in return, learn to value and accept one another.

A wide range or academic and developmental skills are typically seen in Middle school. AISN is responsive to the needs of adolescents as they make the tricky transition from childhood to being a teenager. High academic standards, support, and encouragement prepare each student to be successful in high school.  Middle school courses are accessed through a digital platform, providing students with 21st century technology skills.

Our teachers understand that they are preparing students to be successful in high school while making sure that each student is challenged to grow and mature as an individual. Each student receives the proper support and motivation needed to reach their learning potential from a dedicated group of educators.

All middle school students are required to have their own personal laptop or Chromebook and must bring it each day.  If needed, Chromebooks are available for purchase from the school.

Note on school supplies: AISN provides writing utensils, erasers, notebooks, markers, crayons, glue, paper, agendas, etc. If there are special school materials that your child(ren) prefer(s) to use at school, they are allowed to bring them. Furthermore, students should bring a school bag to transport any school materials between home and school. Students should also bring their own water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day.  Hats, sunglasses, and sunblock are suggested to wear outside during break.