Activities - AISN
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After school activities for all ages

soccer2Rich, exciting, and unique after school opportunities await students at AISN! Choose between soccer, Tae Kwon Do, puzzles, homework lab and more. Teachers develop After school Activities (ASA) based around skills and interests and then aim them toward the appropriate age groups. After school Activities occur in 18-day cycles on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons from 3:05pm – 3:50pm. Sign-up sheets are sent home before each new cycle. All students welcome, grades K-12 – because everyone can learn through play!

Please note: Only students participating ASA are allowed to remain on campus after school. ASA ends promptly at 3:50pm and parents are responsible for collecting their children as there is no supervision after ASA is over. Students may not remain unsupervised on campus for any reason.


Currently, sports are offered through the After School Activities program and no formal or regular competitions are scheduled.

Week Without Walls

Week Without Walls is a dynamic, activity based, hands-on motivating learning experience for students. The program for the week is developed based on and in support of our curriculum.  Students begin to prepare academically weeks before they depart and each day of the experience they will be taking notes, recording comments and drawing sketches of what they feel, see, hear, and even taste.  A week of total involvement in WWW enhances and amplifies students’ normal academic work as they experience academic, social, and interpersonal learning experiences that occur outside the traditional classroom in an international study experience.

Week Without Walls is a carefully designed experiential learning opportunity for high school students enrolled at AISN.  Our goal has been to involve our students in an authentic, away from the classroom experience.   It is an opportunity for students to develop team building and leadership skills, travel to foreign locations, experience unfamiliar situations often in different culture settings, participate in activity-based programs and prepare for the time when they will be traveling alone and living away from their families at university.

Fall Festival

field_dayIn the month of October, our Student Council and other high school students hosted a fun-filled day of games, crafts, prizes, treats, and more to celebrate the season of Fall!

Mauritania Day

In the month of November, we reserve a day to recognize and celebrate Mauritania’s independence as a nation as well as its diverse cultural heritage and history. The day includes student presentations, musical performances, Mauritanian artisans displays, and a traditional Mauritanian meal – Mishoui!

Literacy Night

An annual event usually held in February that allows students across all grade levels to present one act plays, oral recitations, comedy improvisation, and poetry of their own.

Winter Concert

Organized by our faculty and students the Annual AISN Winter Concert is held each December. Every class prepares a musical performance under the guidance of Mr. Papis Djarra our music teacher as concert director.


graduation1Our high school graduation ceremony is held in June with all of the pomp and celebration found in an American International school’s most important annual event.

Spring Concert

A second annual event focused on music and held in May.  Designed as a multi-cultural and international event  our students will entertain you.