Mission / Vision - AISN
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Mission / Vision


We believe that developing skills to become lifelong learners prepares students to become responsible and productive global citizens. Towards that end, we work together to encourage students to:


  • Develop a love for learning, a desire to take risks, self-confidence and independence
  • Think critically, understand and solve real-life problems
  • Use language to communicate effectively and to facilitate thinking and learning
  • Understand and respect social and cultural diversity
  • Acquire curiosity about the world
  • Find a sense of belonging through relationships built on mutual trust and respect with adults and peers

Our Mission

AISN offers an accredited American International education committed to excellence, achieved in partnership with the AISN community to prepare our students for admission to universities worldwide, transfer to other  American/International Schools, and to public or private schools in the USA.

Our Vision

Our commitment: to continue to develop as an educational institution with academic, social, and co-curricular programs attracting students and staff to AISN.